BRPC Minutes April 2014



Minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday, 9th April, 2014  at the  Scout HQ., Cromer Road, Beeston Regis    7pm

Present: M.Knowles (Chair), M.Church, G.Dyson, P.Kemp, Mrs.M.Wright,

C.Goodwin, R.Beckley and the Clerk. Also present were B.Hannah (NCC) and one member of the public.


1a. To receive and consider apologies

Apologies were received and accepted from B.Hill, Mrs.M.Roffe, H.Roper and

D.Thompson. Apologies were also received from PCSO.Bridges.

1b. To receive Declarations of Interest on agenda items

RB declared an interest in 5(b) as he lives in Church Close.

2.  To approve the minutes of meeting held  12/3/14  (circulated)

These had been circulated and were accepted as a true record (Prop: RB, Sec: MW)


3 .  Public Participation (requests to speak on agenda items)

No requests to speak on agenda items.


4.   Finance:

      (a)  To approve invoices for payment and note bank balances:

       C.Allen £70.00, (bus shelter cleaning),P.Bullimore £315.40,(net salary),

        HMRC £18.80 (tax on salary), W.Runton Scouts £25.00, (hire of hall),                         

        P.Bullimore £43.60, (admin exps), T.T.Jones Elect. £9279.36 (LEDs),

        S.Meakin £8.25 (copying paper), Norfolk ALC £187.09 (sub, 2014-15)

The above payments, scheduled on the agenda, were approved (Prop: GD, Sec: PK).

The bank balances were as follows :- A/C 10162132 £7,374 and A/C 10162140 £5,317 – noted by members. The Clerk informed members that the first half-years precept was due at the end of the month (£6,850) and the External Audit Returns and papers had just been received.

5.   Planning:

(a)      To note decisions/information  received from NNDC/NCC since last meeting

The following were noted :-

Land at Anglia Mowers; an enforcement notice had been issued on 3/4/14.

PF/14/0059; replacement garage/carports at Bramble Cott., – permission given.

The above information would be circulated as would the information regarding the Zip-wire/Tower at the Kingswood Centre with which RB was appalled at the way that the application had been dealt with, particularly as he had asked both District Councillors to refer this matter to the Development Control Committee. Members agreed that RB drafts a letter to NNDC Planning expressing his concerns.

(b)      To consider planning applications received since agenda printed

PF/14/0392; Erectn of single storey side extn & dormer window, Croftway, Church Cl

 It was agreed to support this application as presented (Prop: MK, Sec: GD)

(c)       PF/14/0272; demolition & erectn of dwelling at Closewood, Sheringwood)

This application had been circulated and it was agreed to support it (Prop: MK, Sec: RB)   

(m)     To consider PCs responsibilities re the AONB.

This had been duly considered during planning discussions.

6.   Highways/Footpath matters

It was noted that the following would be discussed with the Highways Engineer when he visited the parish on 10th April :- (a) tarmac lifting on the footpath near the A149 railway bridge – east side (b) water collecting in road at the southern end of Britons Lane nr. the A148 (c) pot holes and other damage between the stone pits entrance and Heathside (d) blocked drains near Heathside (e) ivy growing on the A149 railway bridge adjacent to the road (f) finger post sign, marking public footpath, missing from post on road to Beeston Hall Farm and School. The meeting would be attended by GD, MW and the Clerk.

7.   Meetings & Conferences (to receive reports and announcements)

The next Coastal Forum would be on Tues.1/7/14 and it was hoped RB will attend.

GD reported on his attendance at the Sheringham Society AGM and the PCC Vestry meeting. He provided agenda/minutes for circulation in regard to the latter.


8.   PC Assets:

(a)    To receive verbal report re lighting by the Clerk (incl. LEDs)

The Clerk informed members that all the remaining 24 LEDs had been installed and he had applied to UK Power Networks for a new unmetered supply certificate. This would be submitted to the energy supplier (Eon) resulting in lower electricity bills.

An e-mail had been received from a parishioner congratulating the PC on the installation of the LEDs.

The Clerk had reported a problem to the contractor, who had referred this to UK Power Networks, regarding a supply fault at the light adjacent to 224, Cromer Road.

(b)   To consider revised/new lighting maintenance contract.

The new contract being offered by T.T.Jones Electrical Ltd was for £4 per annum, per light (58 x £4 = £232 plus VAT). This covered cleaning, inspection, and reporting on lights but call outs, particularly emergencies, were extra. This would reduce the current charge from £67.11 per month (incl.vat) down to £23.20 per month (incl vat).

The new LEDs are under guarantee and it is expected that call-outs will be down considerably. The contract offered was for four years to 2018. Members accepted the new terms and the Chair duly signed the contract documents for transmission to

T.T.Jones Electrical Ltd. (Prop: RB, Sec: MW)

(c)    To receive update/consider new bench seats near caravan park and school

Permission had been received from NCC Highways for the two seats  and their construction was hopefully underway following instructions to Ed Farrow. The cost of the seats was £203.60 and RB informed members that Beeston Regis Caravan Park had kindly agreed to pay for one of them.

(d)   To receive update/consider repairs of village sign and footpath sign

Ed Farrow had been instructed to proceed with both signs and the Clerk informed members that the PC insurers (Aon) had agreed verbally to pay for the village sign repair. The quotation for the village sign was for £330.40 which meant Aon would pay £205.40 and the PC would pay £125.00 (excess). The minor repair to the footpath sign was proceeding with the cheaper wood option. 


9.   To consider/prepare for Annual Parish Meeting on 14th May (incl.Annual Report)

It was agreed to have the usual format for the APM and Rhodri Oliver (guest speaker) would be asked to speak on the role of parish councils – questions could be taken afterwards.

10. Quality Parish Status & Governance 

(a)     To review Clerks Salary & Contract

RB would be reporting back to members as soon as possible.

(b)    To review  Standing Orders

The Clerk informed members that a useful course being run by NALC was being held at Wood Norton and it was agreed the Clerk attends before proceeding further with this matter.

(c)     To receive verbal report from Clerk re QPS.

The PC’s Quality Parish Status ran out in Jan.14 after a four year period but the council was still considered a quality council until the new criteria for re-accreditation could be agreed at national level. Announcements regarding this matter were expected soon after which time the PC could apply for QPS re-accreditation.

(d)    To review/consider training (incl.Clerk)

It was agreed the Clerk attends the NALC course on standing orders at a cost of £25 (Prop: MK, Sec: MW) – see 10(b). All members had received initial training and further training would be considered at a future meeting.

(e)     To consider annual asset inspection

It was agreed that DT carries out the inspection and reports back to the PC as soon as possible (as in previous years)

(f)     To consider the next newsletter

It was agreed that the newsletter would have a front page devoted to advertising the Annual Parish Meeting and would be available for delivery to households early May.


11.   To receive reports from District & County Councillors

B.Hannah (NCC) reported on the following :- (a) the incinerator debate and his vote (b) the visit of Princess Ann to HM Prison, Bure; BH had met the Princess (c) the Police & Crime Commissioner was planning to introduce people qualified in mental health into the control room (d) S.Betts (PCC) was doing an excellent job and (c) was just one example of some of his ground breaking work

12.   Police Report & Sect.17 Crime & Disorder Act.

There had been one crime recorded (possession of cannabis – passing motorist)


13.   To receive Correspondence (not included in agenda items above)

The Clerk drew attention to the following:- (a) RNLI house collection letter (b) Norfolk RCC letter re broadband (c) NCC Your Norfolk (d) Church meeting minutes

14.   Resolution re Public Participation (comments/other matters)

Prop; RB, Sec; PK –agreed – the state of Beeston Common was considered.

15.   To confirm date of next meeting – future agenda items

Two meetings as agreed on 14th May – the matter at 14 would be placed on agenda

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