BRPC Minutes November 2014


Minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday, 12th November, 2014 at the Scout HQ., Cromer Road, Beeston Regis – 7pm

Present: M.Knowles (Chair), Mrs.M.Roffe, D.Thompson, G.Dyson, P.Kemp,
Mrs.M.Wright, C.Goodwin, R.Beckley and the Clerk. Also present were two members of the public.

Members observed a minutes silence in memory of long serving councillor Barry Hill
who died on 18th October, 2014.

1a. To receive and consider apologies
Apologies were received from M.Church and H.Roper. Apologies were also received fromB.Hannah (NCC), A.Sweeney (NNDC), and PCSO.Bridges.

1b. To receive Declarations of Interest on agenda items
RB declared a non-prejudicial interest for item 8.

1c. To note vacancy on parish council
The statutory notice informing parishioners of their rights to call an election following the death of BH had been placed on the notice board. The Clerk would inform members at the next meeting whether this was the case or whether the PC had been given permission by NNDC Electoral Services to co-opt.

2. To approve the minutes of meeting held 8/10/14.
The minutes were accepted as a true record (Prop: DT, Sec: MW)

3 . Public Participation (requests to speak on agenda items)
No requests to speak on agenda items.

4. Finance:
(a) To approve invoices for payment and note bank balances:
C.Allen £70.00, (bus shelter cleaning),P.Bullimore £241.00,(net salary),
HMRC £60.20 (tax on salary), W.Runton Scouts £25.00, (hire of hall),
P.Bullimore £55.60, (admin exps), Secret Gardens £116.00 (grass cutting).
T.T.Jones Electrical £72.00 (addl..mtce), Morston PC £23.14 (computer exps),
Mazars £240.00 (external audit), Royal British Legion £25.00 (wreath),
Emcy £30.00 (flower bulbs), P.Bullimore £ 360.50 ( 31/3/14)
The above payments, scheduled on the agenda, were approved (Prop: DT, Sec: PK).
The bank balances were as follows :- A/C 10162132 £2543.36 & A/C 10162140 £9507.83. The Clerk asked members to note that the budget and precept decision was required to be with NNDC by 5th January, 2015 and members needed to be thinking about future expenditure etc. with a view to making a budget/precept decision at the next meeting.

5. Planning:
(a) To note decisions/information received from NNDC/NCC since last meeting
PF/14/1000; Heath Barn – permission given but with 18 conditions – noted.
(b) To consider planning applications received since agenda printed
None received.
(c) To receive update re Affordable Housing in the parish.
A negative reply had been received from NNDC regarding the A149 site. RB disputed the reasons given by planners and members agreed to argue the case that this was a suitable piece of land that could become an exception site and consequently have affordable housing built on it. The Clerk and RB would try and progress this matter.
(m) To consider PCs responsibilities re the AONB.
There was no planning matters to consider.

6. Highways/Footpath matters.
(a) To receive update re overweight vehicles using Britons Lane.
Speeding and overweight vehicles using Britons Lane was agreed as a priority for the police at the last SNAP meeting. As yet there had been no feedback from the police.
(b) To consider Highways Partnership Scheme & vehicle activated signs
The Clerk gave details of how VAS worked and the commitment required from the PC to move the sign from one approved location to another every four weeks. He stated that the basic cost was £2,800 but with extra brackets, and possibly posts that would be required, the total cost would be around £3,200. He would be meeting with S.White (NCC Highways Engineer) to discuss possible locations, after which time an application, for up to 50% grant aid, would be submitted. Applications for the Highways Partnership Scheme 2015-16 had to be submitted by 31/1/15.
(c) To consider garden encroaching on to footpath (Regis Avenue)
The matter had been resolved (per GD) and could be removed from the agenda.
(d) PF/14/1306; Extension at Anglia Mowers, Britons Lane.
It was agreed to “support” this application (Prop: DT, Sec: GD)
(e) PF/14/1326; Variation of Conditions at Field Barn, Aylmerton.
It was agreed “no objections” to this application (Prop: RB, Sec: DT) (in Aylmerton)

7. Meetings & Conferences (to receive reports and announcements)
The Clerk made the following announcements :-
Nfk Coast Partnership – meeting re storm surges – Blakeney, 28/11/14 – noted.
NNDC Coastal Issues Forum – next meeting on 27/1/15 – RB to attend.
NNDC, Parish Engagement Session – Bodham, 24/11/14 – MK and GD to attend..
RB reported on his attendance with the Clerk at a recent NALC Area Meeting. It was poorly attended. The subject of the Cromer Crematorium and their Cemetery were the main topics of discussion. RB also reported his attendance at the recent Remembrance Sunday Service at Beeston Regis Church – he placed a wreath on behalf of the PC.
GD reported on his attendance at the Sheringham Society AGM where it was recorded that they had a good year both financially and with increased visitor numbers.

8. To consider the position re the Church Field & appoint new trustee (RB)
RB spoke about the history of the Church Field including its purchase by the first trustees in the 1930s. The trust was set up as a charity and the field was registered as charity land. The trust currently has approx. £1,700 in the bank and their accounts are lodged with the Charity Commissioners. The land has to be kept as an open space. Beeston Hall School who had rented and maintained the field for many years as a sports field had now terminated the agreement
BH had been the PC representative/trustee although there had been no meetings for some time. It was agreed to appoint RB as the new representative/trustee (Prop: MK, Sec: MR) and he agreed to report further at the next meeting.

9. To receive update re Caxton Park grass area.
The Clerk reported that the purchase of the land at Caxton Park had been completed (5/11/14) and the Chair said he would put an article in the newsletter informing parishioners, and inviting suggestions as to its future use.

10. Quality Parish Status & Governance
(a) To note/consider review of polling districts & polling places.
NNDC had a statutory duty to carry out this review. Members had no comments.
(b) To note review of MPs annual village tour
N.Lamb’s review was noted – members had no comments.

11. To receive reports from District & County Councillors
Both councillors had offered their apologies.

12. Police Report & Sect.17 Crime & Disorder Act.
The report, via e-mail, stated that no crimes had been recorded since the last meeting, SNAP priorities still included work on Britons Lane, and the next police surgery would be on 16/11/14.

13. To receive Correspondence (not included in agenda items above)
The following were noted and would be circulated :- NCC Your Norfolk magazine, NCC letter re their budget, and advertising/promotion letter from NORSE.

14. Resolution re Public Participation (comments/other matters)
(Prop; DT, Sec:MK – agreed). A parishioner queried whether NCC and PCs could take advantage of economies of scale if many vehicle activated signs were being purchased. It was suggested revisiting the outdoor gym idea for Caxton Park land.

15. To confirm date of next meeting – future agenda items
It was hoped that the Scout HQ would be available for Tuesday, 9th December, 2014 as this was the preferred date for members. The Clerk would make enquiries and inform them a.s.a.p.

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