BRPC Minutes December 2014


Minutes of the meeting held on Tuesday 9th December, 2014 at the Scout HQ., Cromer Road, Beeston Regis – 7pm

Present: M.Knowles (Chair), Mrs.M.Roffe, G.Dyson, P.Kemp, C.Goodwin,
R.Beckley and the Clerk. Also present were PCSO.Bridges and three members of the public.
1a. To receive and consider apologies
Apologies were received and accepted from Mrs.M.Wright, D.Thompson, M.Church, and H.Roper. Apologies were also received from B.Hannah (NCC), and Mrs.A.Sweeney (NNDC).

1b. To receive Declarations of Interest on agenda items
RB declared a non-prejudicial interest for item 8.

1c. To receive update re vacancy on parish council
The statutory procedure had been followed and NNDC Electoral Services had instructed the PC that they could now co-opt if they wished to fill the vacancy.

2. To approve the minutes of meeting held 12/11/14.
The minutes were accepted as a true record (Prop: GD, Sec: PK).

3 . Public Participation (requests to speak on agenda items)
No requests to speak on agenda items.

4. Finance:
(a) To approve invoices for payment and note bank balances:
C.Allen £70.00, (bus shelter cleaning),P.Bullimore £241.00,(net salary),
HMRC £60.20 (tax on salary), W.Runton Scouts £25.00, (hire of hall),
P.Bullimore £50.80, (admin exps), .
Information Commissioner £35.00 (DPA), Morston PC £49.00 (1/3 share, SLCC
The above payments, plus one urgent payment, were approved (Prop: MR, Sec: PK).
The urgent payment was as follows :- R.Beckley £30.00, (cutting hedge etc on newly acquired land at Caxton Park). The bank balances were as follows :-
A/C 10162132 £1127 and A/C 10162140 £ 9507. – Noted.
(b) To consider Budget & Precept for 2015-16.
The draft budget and notes prepared by the Clerk were agreed as a basis for discussion. The Clerks draft budget was for the revenue/general running costs of the PC and did not take into account other possible expenditure such as a contested election in May 2015 and vehicle activated signage. Legal fees were also outstanding relating to the purchase of the land at Caxton Park. Projected balances at March 2015 looked very healthy and NNDC was offering a local council tax support scheme grant of £1341. After discussion it was agreed to keep the precept the same as the previous year and the Clerk would submit the form to NNDC for £12,059 and accept the grant of £1,341. (Prop: MK, Sec: GD). The Chair, plus two members and the Clerk duly signed the Precept form.

5. Planning:
(a) To note decisions/information received from NNDC/NCC since last meeting.
PF/14/1306; Erectn of Extension at Anglia Mowers – permission given.
(b) To consider planning applications received since agenda printed
PF/14/1515; Change of Use to Holiday Chalets at Priory Maze and Gardens:
This application had only just been received and the Clerk was requesting further time from NNDC for members to read and consider the large volume of papers. The Clerk was instructed to circulate the information immediately and also ask Mrs.Sweeney (NNDC) to refer this application to the Planning Committee as it was close to an ancient monument and within a conservation area.
(c) To receive update re Affordable Housing in the parish.
The Clerk had been informed verbally by the local officer of Natural England that the A149 site would not necessarily be rejected because it was next to the SSSI (Beeston Common). He had also been informed that Hastoe Housing were also interested in this site for affordable housing and they would like to attend a PC meeting in the near future. – Noted by members.
(d) Pf/14/1427; Conversion of Barn, Field Barn, Aylmerton.
It was agreed no objections to this application.
(m) To consider PCs responsibilities re the AONB.
This had been duly considered during discussions.

6. Highways/Footpath matters.
(a) Update re Highways Partnership Scheme & vehicle activated signs
The Clerk was in the process of submitting an application for grant aid under the NCC Highways Partnership Scheme 2015-16. This was for 50% (£1600) of the cost of VAS. S.White (Highways Engineer) would now only be visiting successful bidders who would be notified after 31/3/15. – Noted.

7. Meetings & Conferences (to receive reports and announcements)
The Clerk had no new announcements.
The Chair and GD had attended the NNDC Area Meeting for PCs (talks re planning)
RB stated that he would be attending a meeting at Kingswood re a noise policy.

8. To receive update re the Church Field (RB)
RB reported on the Trustees meeting which was chaired by the Revd.Head. The school had agreed to continue cutting the field and insurance cover was still in place. The future for the field was still uncertain but RB stated it was likely to remain as a sports/recreation area. The next meeting would be in March, 2015.

9. To note & consider the Community Payback Scheme
The Clerk read the letter from Community Payback which was a scheme involving and similar to restorative justice schemes. Noted by members.

10. Quality Parish Status & Governance
(a) Review of Public Participation at meetings.
The current arrangements were considered satisfactory.
11. To receive reports from District & County Councillors
No councillors were in attendance.

12. Police Report /Sect.17 Crime & Disorder Act & Community Speed Watch
PCSO.Bridges reported that there had been no crimes recorded in the last month although cold callers had been in the area trying to buy gold and silver on the doorstep. There had been some interest in starting a community speed watch scheme. She spoke about the statistics being collated regarding speeding and overweight vehicles in Britons Lane and hoped to produce a report for the PC and the SNAP meeting as soon as possible. The Chair said he looked forward to seeing the report and thanked her for attending.

13. To receive Correspondence (not included in agenda items above)
The following was noted and would be circulated :- Natural England letter re coastal access and the new national trail.

14. Resolution re Public Participation (comments/other matters)
Prop: MR, Sec; GD – agreed – meeting adjourned. It was suggested more publicity be given to the community speed watch scheme and the police statistics re Britons Lane be published in the next newsletter. – meeting re-opened.

15. To confirm date of next meeting – future agenda items
This was confirmed for Wednesday, 14th January, 2015 (7pm)

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