Subject: Re: Sheringham Sinkhole update 22-07-19

Sheringham Sinkhole Update.
It is going to be very busy at the sinkhole over the next 2 weeks. With the erection of the scaffolding over the hole nearing completion and the new large concrete pipe in place the fitting of the 80 metre liner will go ahead. This involves pumping 360,000 litres of boiling water under pressure into the hole. A specialist vehicle will be on site for this. Once the resin has become heated and attached to the existing sewer then cooled water is pumped in the same way to set the liner.
Once all connections are established then the first stage of back filling will take place up to the level of the second sewer which will then be repaired as it was also damaged in the void. Finally the reinstatement of the permanent water mains in the upper levels will be completed before the hole is filled.
Importantly Sheringham is open for business and all Carnival events will take place. Free parking for 30 minutes is still in operation on Morris Street Car Park.
This Saturday 27th July over 400 Harley Davidsons will be riding into town around midday and will be on display in the town centre until around 4pm. This is followed by Carnival week the following weekend.



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Mike Knowles (Chair)               01263 825995 3, Caxton Close, Beeston Regis, NR26 8SU
Roy Beckley (Vice-Chair)             01263 837619 Nightingales, Church Close, West Runton, NR27 9QY
 Ralph Smith 13 Britons Lane, Beeston Regis, Sheringham. NR26 8SJ
 Nicholas Wright Heathside, Britons Lane, Beeston Regis, NR26 8TP
Margaret Roffe 28  Robyns Road, Beeston Regis, NR26 8YJ
Derek Thompson 43  Abbey Park , Beeston Regis, NR26 8SR
Maisie Wright Heathside, Britons Lane, Beeston Regis, NR26 8TP
Stephanie Kent
Geoffrey Dyson 19  Regis Ave., Beeston Regis, NR26 8SN
Chris Goodwin 14 Hillside Road, Beeston Regis NR26 8TT
Steve Anderson 65 Abbey Park, Beeston Regis NR26 8SS

Peter Bullimore      24, Beech Avenue, Sheringham, NR26 8NS(Tel: 01263 822864)

e-mail:  [email protected]

If you have any comment, or would like to make a contribution to this website you can e-mail us at [email protected] Please note that this address is purely for this purpose and any Parish Council business should be addressed via the Clerk in the normal manner.


The Parish Council has 11 seats, all of which are currently filled.

It meets monthly (usually on the second Wednesday of the month) at The Scout Headquarters, Cromer Road, Beeston Regis at 7.00pm.

  • Notices/Agendas are displayed throughout the Parish including four Parish Council noticeboards.
  • Minutes, when approved by the council, are available to the public at Sheringham Library. Draft Minutes are also available on the BRPC website.
  • The Parish Council produces a regular newsletter, “Beeston Regis News” for its parishioners which is delivered to households quarterly.
  • The Parish Council welcomes the views and input from parishioners and always has a spot on its agendas for “public participation”. The chairman regularly calls for adjournments during meetings to allow public participation on items where they have made a request to speak.
  • The Council is represented on numerous bodies and members report back to the Parish Council regularly.
  • The Council is a member of the Norfolk Association of Local Councils (NALC) and of the Norfolk Rural Community Council.
  •  The precept for the year 2018/19 is £12,500.
  • Donations are made to numerous bodies including All Saints’ Church (for the upkeep of the graveyard).
  • Copies of the accounts can be obtained from the Clerk.

Please go to the Meetings and Agendas section for summary information covering future meetings, or the minutes section for minutes of recent meetings.

A copy of the Chairman of the Council’s Annual Report for 2018, along with the Income and Expenditure details, can be found in the Legal Requirements section.

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