BRPC Minutes Jul 2011

Minutes of the meeting held on 13th July, 2011 at the Scout HQ., Beeston Regis

Present: M.Knowles (Chair), R.Beckley, Mrs.M.Roffe, Mrs.M.Wright, D.Thompson, M.Church, G.Dyson, B.Hill, C.Goodwin, H.Roper and the Clerk. Also present were PCSO. G.Baxter and two members of the public.

1a. To receive and consider apologies:
Apologies were received and accepted from P.Kemp. Apologies were also received from A.Sweeney (NNDC) and B.Hannah (NCC)

1b. To receive Declarations of Interest on agenda items:
None received.

2. To approve the minutes of meeting held 8/6/11 (circulated) :
These had been circulated and were accepted as a true record (Prop: DT, Sec: RB)

3 . Resolution re Public Participation (requests to speak on specific items)
No requests to speak on specific items.

4. Finance:
(a) To approve invoices for payment and note bank balances:
C.Allen £70.00, Bus Shelter cleaning, P.Bullimore £238.60, Clerks net salary, HMRC £59.60, Tax on clerks salary, W.Runton Scouts £25.00, Hire of Hall,
Secret Gardens £110.00, Grass verge cutting, P.Bullimore £42.73, Clerks Exps, S.Meakin £65.00, Internal Audit fee, Weybourne Parish Council £66.50, Repaymt of capital cost of copier (BRPC now own 50% of machine).
The above payments, scheduled on the agenda, were approved for payment (Prop: MR, Sec: GD, agreed). The current bank balances were as follows :- A/C 10162132 £1771, and A/C 10162140 £7860 – noted by members.
(b)    To consider tenders for unmetered electricity supply
It was agreed to accept the only tender, after five quotations were invited, from E-on for a twelve month period at a price of 11.093p per kwh. This was a price increase of approx. 13% and would bring the annual cost to £2,315. (Prop: DT, Sec: MR). A two year contract would increase costs by 33% reflecting the volatile electricity market and members instructed the Clerk to agree the contract for 12 months the following morning.
(c)    To note subsidy from Norfolk CC re grass verge cutting
Members noted the subsidy from Norfolk CC regarding the grass verge cutting which reflected the County Council’s share of cutting for road safety purposes. (4,839 sq.m at 3.7p per sq.m x 5 cuts). This was approx. £900 pa. and the Clerk would present the contract to members at the next meeting for consideration and signature.
(d)    To consider review of Financial Regulations
It was agreed to circulate a copy of the Financial Regulations and consider the matter at the next meeting.

5. Planning:
(a)    To note decisions/information received from NNDC since last meeting
Nothing received.
(b)    To consider planning applications received since agenda printed
None received.
(c)    To consider Nfk Minerals/Waste LDF: Site Specific Allocations:
RB reported to members that a new allocation site for mineral extraction in the report was for a site in Aylmerton and immediately adjacent to the current Britons Lane pits. A new planning agreement was required although the current access on Britons Lane would serve both sites with improvements being made at the A148 junction. The new site, south-west of the existing site, would only be granted permission if improvements were made regarding the restoration of the existing site to its natural state. These conditions to be continued with the new site. It was agreed to circulate the relevant papers and place the matter on the next agenda.
(d)    To consider proposed Power & Recycling Centre, Saddlebow, K/Lynn
It was agreed not to comment on this matter.
(k)    To further consider Affordable Housing
There was no further news from Parsons & Whittley or NNDC.
(l)    To consider PCs responsibilities re the AONB.
The Clerk reported on news received from the District Council Planning Enforcement Officer regarding a sign on the A148 and a site in Britons Lane but it was agreed not to take any further action on these matters at the moment.
(n) To consider licences issued by NNDC/NCC in the parish. (RB)
List from RB to be circulated.; carry forward to next agenda.

6. To consider Highways and Footpath Matters. (incl.Grit Bins)
The Clerk drew members attention to the following :-
Cookies Field entrance/exit – it was noted that the new ent/exit was not being used.
Reflector posts on A148/Britons Lane – posts now erected by NCC Highways
Grit Bins :- The new bin had been received and was being stored at 37, Regis Avenue. NCC Highways would be installing this outside 37, Regis Ave as soon as possible.
A parishioner had agreed to a bin being installed on their property adjacent to the hill in Priory Close as you approach Abbey Park. It was agreed to purchase a bin (green/160 litre) after the Clerk had obtained written agreement from the property owner (Prop: MR, Sec: MW – agreed).
P.Kemp had asked members to consider the state of the chain link fence in Britons Lane north of Heathside. NCC was not concerned with any safety factor and therefore responsibility rested with the landowner. This had been discussed many times and it was agreed to leave this matter until the autumn when the PC would consider the matter again.

7. Meetings & Conferences (to receive reports and announcements)
The Clerk drew members attention to the following :-
Health Opportunities – NNDC, Cromer – 20/7/11
Green Community Challenge – UEA, Norwich – 16/7/11
Nfk Coast Partnership Forum – Overstrand – 14/7/11
Green Build Event – Felbrigg Hall – 10 & 11/9/11
NALC’s AGM – E.Tuddenham – 1/10/11
MK and the Clerk gave a brief report on the well organised NALC/SLCC Summer Conference held on 28/6/11 – Papers to be circulated to members.
8. PC Assets:
(a)    Report re lighting by the Clerk
The Clerk reported on just one faulty light since the last meeting :- o/s 27, Abbey Pk
(b)    Dog bins: To consider parishioners request for further dog bin
An e-mail from NNDC referred to a parishioners request for a further dog bin in Sheringwood. After consideration it was agreed that the cost could not be justified and the Clerk was instructed to write a negative response to the parishioner.
(c)    To consider repair of seat around the Village Sign (DT)
DT provided written estimates for the cost of materials. These were approved by members and DT was asked to proceed with the work (Prop: RB, Sec: MK).

9a. To consider New Mapping Agreement with Ordnance Survey/NNDC.
It was agreed not to sign up for the new OS Mapping Agreement; the Clerk had adequate maps and NNDC can always provide extras if required.

10. Quality Parish Status:
(a)    To consider review of Standing Orders
It was agreed to circulate a copy of the SO’s and place this matter on the next agenda.
(b)    To further consider the Good Neighbour Project (MR)
MR reported on her meeting with the Norfolk RCC representative (Alison Ball). It was agreed, through lack of volunteers and the existence of similar schemes, that this matter would have to be dropped. It was agreed, with Age UK’s permission, to publish details of their schemes in the next newsletter.
(c)    To consider copying/back-up of PC records
Although the Clerk had adequate copies of agendas, minutes etc. via other members computers it was agreed, following RB’s suggestion, that the Clerk purchases an external hard-drive to provide cover for loss of records/information if he experienced complete IT failure (Prop: DT, Sec; GD) – approx cost up to £75.

11. To receive reports from District & County Councillors
Both councillors had offered their apologies.

12. Review of Sect.17, Crime & Disorder Act (incl.Police Report)
(This item was taken after item 3)
PCSO.Gary Baxter reported that there had only been one crime in the parish in the last six weeks (criminal damage). He hoped that speed checks carried out by SAM (speed awareness message) could be organised for the Britons Lane area and would try and persuade Customs & Excise to carry out weight checks in the same area. RB asked that the former could be undertaken during school term times. It was reported that Sgt.A.Smith was happy with the Sheringham Carnival arrangements todate. The Chair thanked PCSO.Baxter for his report. The PCSO left the meeting at this point.

13. To receive Correspondence (not included in agenda items above)
The Clerk drew members attention to the following :-
NNDC Outlook magazine and NCC Your Norfolk magazine – to be circulated.

14. Resolution re Public Participation (comments/other matters)
This was proposed by BH and seconded by DT – there was no public comment.

15. To confirm date of next meeting – future agenda items
The next meeting was confirmed for Wed.10th August, 2011.

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