BRPC Minutes Aug 2009

Minutes of the meeting held on 12th August, 2009 at the Scout Headquarters, Cromer Road, Beeston Regis commencing 7pm.

Present: R.Beckley (Chairman), M.Knowles, Mrs.M.Roffe, G.Dyson, P.Kemp, Mrs.M.Wright, M.Church and the Clerk. Also present were B.Hannah (NCC), Mrs.A.Sweeney (NNDC) and one member of the public.

1a. To receive and consider apologies:
Apologies were received and accepted from B.Hill, D.Thompson, D.Cox and M.Bliss. Apologies were also received from PCSO. D.Sewell. The Clerk informed members that D.Cox wished him to pass on his thanks for the recent best wishes card.

1b. To receive Declarations of Interest on agenda items:
RB and MK declared a personal interest in item 5(e).

2. To approve the minutes of meeting held 8.7.09:
These had been circulated to members and were accepted as a true record (Prop: MW, Sec: GD – agreed)

3. Resolution re Public Participation (requests to speak on specific items):
(Prop: RB, Sec: MK) – agreed – meeting adjourned – no requests – meeting reopened.

4. Finance:
(a) The current bank balances were as follows :- A/C 10162132 £804, A/C 10162140 £6264 – noted by members. The Clerk gave a brief explanation of the five payments scheduled including SLCC (Society of Local Council Clerks) and T.T.Jones Electrical Ltd. A copy of the T.T.Jones Electrical invoice was given to members. The following payments were approved :- C.Allen £60.00, P.Bullimore £350.90, West Runton Scouts £25.00, SLCC £82.00, T.T.Jones Electrical £81.26 (Prop: PK, Sec: MW).
(b) Review of Internal Audit Procedures incl. appointment of Internal Auditor:
Members agreed to await the report from the Clerk in respect of the review of internal audit procedures (part of CiLCA studies). Mr.S.Meakin was again appointed the parish councils Internal Auditor (Prop: MR, Sec: MW).

At the suggestion of the Chair it was agreed to take item 11 next.

11. To receive reports from District & County Councillors:
Mrs.Sweeney (NNDC) reported on her attendance at meetings regarding flood sirens, site specific proposals, the green supermarket proposed for Sheringham, inconsistencies in speed limits on the A148, Upcher Community Partnership, and others. She also spoke on the Beeston Regis Caravan Park steps that had made the newspapers and which she now believed were being put right. The Chair thanked AS for her report, and with members agreement, decided to discuss item 5(e) next.

5(e) To further consider steps at Beeston Regis Caravan Park:
Replying to Mrs.Sweeneys remarks the Chairman stated that the new steps were the best we have had and thought the District Council were a bit heavy handed in their actions. He suggested that negotiation would have been the best way forward. The Vice-Chair agreed and thought this to be an asset that visitors and parishioners would use, making their own decision as to safety and risk. The Chair said that he had been informed that parishioners had started to contribute financially towards the caravan parks increased costs. Members were informed by the Clerk that they had no powers to do this but the council agreed to support the caravan parks scheme in other ways as they had at the earlier planning stage.

11. Returning to Councillors Reports:
B.Hannah (NCC) informed members that he had been appointed as Chair to the NNDC. Lic.Committee (Subject to approval of full council). Other than this he thought Mrs.Sweeney had covered most items in her report. MK told B.Hannah that he was disappointed that the sea front looks like a building site at the very time it needed to look attractive for visitors who had come in increased numbers this year. BH agreed but pointed out that the lifeboat project was unique. The Chair asked the councillors to find out what action, if any, had been taken in regard to the permanent gypsy/travellers sites that NNDC would have to provide following the EERA decision. He stated that the parish council wished to be involved from the first stage and asked BH and AS to monitor this situation. The Chair thanked BH and AS for their reports and input.

With members agreement the Chair returned to item 5 – Planning:

5. Planning:
(a) To note decisions received from NNDC since last meeting:
The Clerk had been informed verbally by a conservation officer at NNDC that they did not wished to proceed with a TPO on the remaining trees at Silver Fox Farm in Sheringwood. This was noted by members. This subject had now been removed from the agenda (see July 2009 minutes).
(b) To consider planning applications received since agenda printed:
20090777 – Erection of A1 (Retail Supermarket) and D1 (Food Academy etc) at the Sheringham Allotment site, south of Weybourne Road, Sheringham.
This application had only just been received and was displayed on an adjoining table for members to study. After discussion, including that of the whole Sheringham supermarket debate, it was agreed that the PC makes no objection/no comment (Prop: MR, Sec: MW)
(e) To further consider steps at Beeston Regis Caravan Park:
Item discussed during District & County Councillors reports (see page 1)
(h) LDF – incl.Gypsy EERA consultation and SMP:
The Clerk had received nothing further in writing. Again see District & County Councillors reports regarding permanent gypsy site situation.
(i) To consider proposals for development at Hall Farm:
The Clerk had spoken to the agents (Bidwells) who had informed him that the formal planning application should now be submitted to NNDC towards the end of August after consultations with the National Trust. This was noted by members.
(j) To note information received from NNDC regarding Affordable Housing:
Copies of the figures/information received had been given to members who were not happy with the extremely low expenditure on affordable housing in recent years. MK pointed out that on one scheme in Sheringham the developer contributed monies that did not even equate to the cost of one quarter of one house on the development. B.Hannah received a copy of the figures and noted the parish councils disappointment on a subject which is talked about and given high priority from national level downwards and yet nothing of significance seems to get done.

6. To consider Highways and Footpath Matters:
The Clerk reported on the following :-
Footpath nr council houses at bottom of Britons Lane – Hedge etc. trimmed back.
Scheme for more dropped kerbs east of Britons Lane – NCC Highways dealing with
Hedge between Priory and Maze (CRF3) – request that NCC send reminder to owner
Footpath, west of caravan park – sorted by PK with parishioners.
An e-mail had been received from a parishioner regarding a possible pedestrian crossing on the A149 near the bus shelters. Members supported the idea because of the increase in traffic flow in recent years and instructed the Clerk to write to NCC. Highways asking that a scheme be given consideration. He was also requested to mention the reflector posts, that had been knocked over, in Britons Lane adjacent to Heathside.
MW raised the problem of parking during car boot sales. Whilst a car park was provided by the landowners concerns were raised over people parking in dangerous spots and on private property. It was agreed to invite the landowner/organiser of the car boot sales to the next meeting hoping that he might be able to help with this off-site parking. The Clerk was also instructed to try and get the police to attend and take part in the discussion.

7. Meetings & Conferences (to receive reports and announcements):
The following invitations had been received since the last meeting :-
N.Lamb MP., Parish Tour/Surgery – 10/9/09, 3.15pm, car park – RB to attend.
Young People of the Year Awards – 22/11/09, Norwich (chair only) – noted.
Cromer Hospital – Discussion on future – 15/10/09, Cromer (7pm) – MR to attend.
Reports were received on the following :-
GD/RB – reported on Sheringham Preservation Soc. Meeting on 10/8/09.
RB reported on a NNDC. Lic.committee he attended regarding roadside trading etc.
PK gave an update re the Upcher C/P ( now at final stages of Credit Union formation)

8. PC Assets: to consider reports:
The Clerk had received a letter from NCC regarding lighting and the PFI contract. Maintenance work on their lights around the railway bridge on the A149 would take place over the next few months. This was noted by members.

9a. To consider ongoing maintenance of Beeston Common:
There was no further news regarding the meeting with Natural England.

9b. To consider Pillbox in Britons Lane:
English Heritage had informed the Clerk verbally that a file had been prepared and submitted to the appropriate government department. They were not able to say whether it would be listed but did inform the Clerk that following their site visit they could confirm that the pillbox dated back to the first world war.

9f. To consider NNDCs Coastal Change Pathfinder application:
A copy of the letter received from NNDC had been supplied to members and the Chair informed the PC that he had e-mailed Peter Frew endorsing the District Councils bid and its principles. Members agreed with this and awaited further developments.

10. Quality Parish Status:
(a) To receive update on QPS:
The Clerk informed members that he had done a considerable amount of work in preparing the file of evidence (approx. 40 hours) for the application, and he wished to thank MK for preparing the excellent photographs of notice board papers which would form part of this file. He hoped to bring the CiLCA studies to an end soon and reminded members of the meeting with the QPS Officer which RB and MK would hopefully be able to attend. (20/8/09). This was noted by members.
(b) To consider the groups/subjects re members areas of interest/responsibility:
The Clerk had circulated a draft schedule based on members preferences made known to him and other relevant factors. This schedule was approved and adopted subject to the three following insertions :- RB to be inserted under Affordable Housing, and MC to be inserted under Waste/Recycling and the Website.
(e) No Cold Calling Zones – to receive update:
The Clerk informed members that a letter had been received from NCC Trading Standards (21/7/09) informing the PC that 5 signs had been placed on light columns in Priory Close and the zone was now set up. This was noted.
(f) To prepare for Quarterly Newsletter (Sept.09):
MK informed members that he hoped this edition would be published and delivered by the end of September 09.

12. To consider Sect.17, Crime & Disorder Act (incl.Police Report):
Apologies had been received from the PCSO.

13. To receive Correspondence (not included in agenda items above):
The Clerk drew members attention to the following :- NCC magazine, e-mail re Boundary Review, Nfk Playing Fields Assoc.Bulletin, NNDC Beach Safety booklet, Windfarm update/bulletin, and NNDC Agenda/minutes. All the above would be circulated as usual.

14. Resolution re Public Participation (comments/other matters):
Prop: RB, Sec: MK – agreed – meeting adjourned – no comments – meeting reopened

15. To confirm date of next meeting – future agenda items:
After discussion it was agreed to change the provisional date (9/9) and the meeting was confirmed for Wednesday 2nd September, 2009 (7pm). (subject to hall availability). MR asked for the purchase of bulbs to be planted on the green areas to be placed on the next agenda. The Chair asked if members were happy to have a representative from the Upcher Community Partnership attend the November meeting (11/11/09) – this was agreed.

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