BRPC Minutes Jan 2009

Minutes of the meeting held on 14/1/09 at the Scout HQ.

Present: R.Beckley (Chair), M.Knowles, D.Thompson, Mrs.M.Roffe, D.Cox, B.Hill, M.Church, P.Kemp, Mrs.M.Wright and the Clerk. Also present were two PCSOs and two members of the public.

1a. To receive and consider apologies:
Apologies were received from M.Bliss, and B.Hannah (NCC), Mrs.A.Sweeney (NNDC).The Chair welcomed D.Cox following his recent absences.

1b. To receive Declarations of Interest:
RB and MK declared a personal interest in item 5(i) as did MW and BH who were members of the National Trust who had communicated with the Chair on this matter. RB also declared a personal interest in item 5(j).

2a. To approve the minutes of meeting held 10/12/08:
These were accepted as a true record (Prop: DT, Sec: MR).

3. Resolution re Public Participation (requests to speak on specific items):
Prop: RB, Sec: MK – agreed – The meeting was adjourned but there was no requests to speak on specific items. The Chair re-opened the meeting.

4. Finance:
(a) To approve invoices for payment and note bank balances:
The current bank balances were as follows :- A/C 10162132 £943, A/C 10162140 £2003, and A/C 60320986 £2358. This was noted by members. The latter of these three accounts would be closed, as had been previously agreed, when the Clerk writes a letter endorsed by two of the authorised signatories. (the balance being transferred to A/C 10162140). Following a brief explanation of the three payments scheduled the following were approved :- C.Allen £60.00, P.Bullimore £340.08 and West Runton Scouts £25.00. (Prop: DT, Sec: MW).
(b) To consider financial implications, if any, of changes to verge cutting:
The letter concerning the proposed cut-backs by NNDC had been circulated to members. This basically left the PC with three options :- 1. The PC pays for the amenity cuts (10 at a cost of £447) with County Services continuing with the same contract. 2. The PC makes it own arrangements for these 10 cuts (? Costs etc..) 3. The PC has these areas of grass only cut 5 times per season with Norfolk County Council funding these under highways safety. The Clerk stated that he had already put in a verbal protest to NNDC having had to fix the precept by 20th November and then to be informed in the middle of December that another £400 – £500 would be required if we wished grass cutting of verges to continue as in previous years. The Chair and members agreed and after discussion decided to go for option 3 (cut only 5 times and funded by NCC) – Prop: DT, Sec: PK – agreed. The Clerk was instructed to write to NNDC accordingly and at the same time point out that members were concerned that they had no other option but to take this course as they had no budget provision. The Clerk would also contact NALC to enquire about the District Councils action and the likely effect on all north norfolks parishes.

At the Chairs suggestion it was agreed to take item 12 next.

12. Annual Review of Sect.17, Crime & Disorder Act (incl Police Report):
The Chair welcomed the PCSOs who gave a report on recent crime in the parish recorded since the last meeting. Three crimes had been reported namely two thefts and one common assault. Priorities for the SNTs as agreed at a recent KIN meeting were :- anti-social behaviour near Sheringham town clock and the grass area adjacent to the railway along with traffic watcheswhich will include speed checks, document checks etc…The Chair thanked the PCSOs for their report. Returning to the annual review of section 17, the Clerk stated that he had consulted B.Hannah our local County Councillor with responsibilities for policing and he was happy with the way that the PC kept this matter at the forefront of members minds and always had a spot on the agenda to discuss matters. Members agreed with this and were happy with the way that section 17 was dealt with.

The Chair returned to the agenda at item 5 and the PCSOs left the meeting.

5. Planning:
(a) To note decisions received from NNDC since last meeting:
None received
(b) To consider planning applications received since agenda printed:
20081752 – First floor side extension at Copper Beech Hse., Church Close:
This application had just been received and members studied the plans and papers. The Chair summarised the application and stated that this was a small extension to which he had no objections. Members agreed with this and the Clerk was instructed to inform NNDC that there was no objections to this application (Prop: PK, Sec: MW).
(e) Sheringwood – To receive update & consider tree preservation:
The Clerk reported that he and DT had arranged a meeting with Michael Ryder of the Woodland Trust on 19/2/09. The meeting would take place in Sheringwood and Michael Ryder would identify the feature trees to submit to the District Council for tree preservation order consideration. This was noted.
(h) LDF – incl Gypsy EERA consultation and SMP:
The Clerk reported a further update/brochure issued by NNDC regarding the LDF. This was the winter edition and was available on their website with hard copies to follow. The Chair reported that he had received a copy of the report issued by the EERA (Regional Spacial Strategy) and stated that a decision had been made whereby each District Council will provide a minimum of 15 permanent gypsy site pitches. This decision would be implemented with the proposed pitches being in place by 2011. The Chair stated that they would need to be next to services such as schools, shops and employment and he hoped that parish and town councils would not object to this with all but Beeston Regis and Aylmerton failing to comment and showing little interest at the consultation stage. The EERA report would be circulated.
(i) To further consider Beach Access Steps at Beeston Regis Caravan Park:
The Clerk had written to the Norfolk Coast Partnership enquiring if funds may be available from the Sustainable Development Fund. An e-mail from the Funding Officer was fairly positive and the Clerk had informed the Caravan Park verbally of this encouraging response. The Chair had received an e-mail from the National Trust implying that they would not grant permission for such a project. RB thought this was just replacing steps that were in existence up to a couple of years ago and it was agreed that RB and MK try and progress this matter with the Caravan Park.
(j) Kingswood Centre – To receive update re Liaison Group:
The Clerk had no further news. RB reported on his meeting with NNDC Environmental Health, Kingswood management and parishioners regarding the Env. Health investigation/monitoring after reports from local residents.(9th Jan – Kingswood Centre). He spoke of new equipment being installed at the Centre but thought there was no future for the liaison group. It was agreed that this item be removed from future agendas.

6. To consider Highways and Footpath Matters:
The Clerk reported on the following :-
Britons Lane fence – still awaiting details of land ownership.
Britons Lane drainage scheme – revised date of 16/3/09 announced
A149 road closure (burst main) – no replies received as yet (copy letter to police)
The above was noted by members. The Clerk would speak to Karl Rands (NCC Highways) regarding the overhanging trees at the northern end of Abbey Park.

7. Meetings & Conferences (to receive reports and announcements):
The Clerk announced the following :-
N.Nfk Community Partnership – Annual Stakeholder Conference on Thurs 26/2/09 at the Sheringham Little Theatre – RB and/or DT to attend (Clerk to notify NNDC)
Police Budget Meeting for 2009/10 at Wymondham on 29/1/09 – noted.
Vacancy on Executive of NALC (North Nfk Rep) – RB and MK to consider.
The Chair reported on Sheringham Preservation Society – minutes to be circulated.

8. PC Assets:
(a) Street Lighting – to consider review of lighting stock & repairs:
The Clerk had received a letter from T.T.Jones Electrical regarding the costs of elements which was requested by MK and would form part of his report being prepared for members. MK stated that he hoped the report/review would be available for members prior to the next meeting.
DT reported on the bus shelter light (disconnected and made safe by contractor in the past). It was hanging from the wall and he said he would remove it.

9a. To consider ongoing maintenance of Beeston Common (MK):
MK stated that this common had changed in recent years with drainage appearing to be the main problem. Ditches appeared to be blocked and not functioning, and where there was once streams, rubbish and other matter was accumulating. Residents, who use the common frequently, are concerned that efforts to return the common to its original state are failing and members agreed that the Clerk writes to the owners (Sheringham Town Council) asking for an explanation or alternatively sending a representative to discuss this matter with the parish council.

9b. To consider pillbox in Britons Lane (DT):
DT asked members to consider whether it was worth while preserving/protecting the old war-time pill box opposite the stone pits in Britons Lane. Members agreed it warranted further investigation and the Clerk was instructed to get in touch with the Conservation Section of Planning at NNDC.

9c. To receive report on Model Publication Scheme (Freedom of Information):
MK and the Clerk had completed the detailed work on information availability and MK had placed this on the PCs website. now had a new section regarding the Freedom of Information Act w.e.f. 1/1/09. This was noted by members.

9d. To consider unauthorised bonfires in, and adjacent to, the parish:
There was no further news from the Environment Agency re Cookies Field.

9e. To consider Nfk Coast Partnership review of AONB:
Some members had still to see the documents regarding this matter and it was agreed to place this on the next agenda.

10. Quality Parish Status:
(a) To receive update on QPS:
Following questions the Clerk gave a brief explanation of how to apply for QPS. (preparation of a file/portfolio answering the pre-set questions and providing evidence from the PC records to back up your answers). The Clerk informed members that the Accreditation Panel received submissions every two months and he hoped that the 17/3/09 or 19/5/09 would be appropriate for BRPC. This was noted by members.
(b) To revisit Code of Conduct:
The Clerk informed members that this was one of the calendar jobs and he suggested circulating the Standards Board Guide and the Statutory Instrument from 2007 to enable members to revisit this topic. This was agreed.
(e) No Cold Calling Zones – to receive update:
The Clerk had been informed by Norfolk CC Trading Standards that Hillside Road was now in the system and being processed.
(f) To consider distribution of Qtly Newsletter:
The Clerk had placed this matter on the agenda as some members had stated that it needed reviewing. It was agreed to look at this next month when preparation of the March newsletter would be on the agenda.

11. To receive reports from District & County Councillors:
Apologies had been received from both councillors.

13. To receive Correspondence (not included in agenda items above):
The Clerk drew members attention to the following :- NNDC Agenda/Minutes, Police Safer N`Hood leaflet, NNDC update re planning, Cromer Hospital update, N.Lamb MP., Xmas card, NCC Highways letter re Drainage scheme, Notes & minutes re NNDC Annual Parish/Town Conference, NNDC Coastal Planning Workshop feedback. All would be circulated as usual.

14. Resolution re Public Participation (comments/other matters):
Prop: BH, Sec: DT, agreed – meeting adjourned – no comments – re-opened.

15. To confirm date of next meeting – future agenda items:
Next meeting confirmed for Wed. 11/2/09 (7pm) – Request for Britons Lane phone box to be discussed (PK). – Next years meeting dates to be agreed.

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