BRPC Minutes May 2009

Minutes of the Annual Parish Council Meeting held on 13th May, 2009 at the Scout Headquarters.

Present: R.Beckley (Chairman), M.Knowles, Mrs.M.Wright, D.Thompson, M.Church, P.Kemp, B.Hill, D.Cox and the Clerk. Also present were the Police Community Support Officer and one member of the public.

1a. Election of Chairman & Declaration of Acceptance of Office:
The Clerk reminded members of the standing order relating to voting and the fact that the Chairman has a casting vote if required. The Chair asked for nominations and M.Knowles proposed R.Beckley and this was duly seconded by D.Cox. There were no other nominations and therefore R.Beckley was unaminously voted chairman for the forthcoming year. The Clerk read the Declaration of Acceptance of Office which was then signed by the Chair and witnessed by the Clerk as the responsible officer.
(Prop: MK, Sec: DC – agreed)

1b. Election of Vice-Chairman & Declaration of Acceptance of Office:
The Clerk repeated his earlier remarks regarding voting (1a). The Chair nominated and proposed M.Knowles and this was seconded by D.Thompson. There were no other nominations and M.Knowles was unaminously voted vice-chairman for the forthcoming year. As before MK duly signed his Declaration of Acceptance of Office which was witnessed by the Clerk.
(Prop: RB, Sec: DT – agreed)

1c. To receive and consider apologies:
Apologies were received and accepted from Mrs.M.Roffe and M.Bliss. The Chair stated that, because of health reasons, M.Bliss might miss the next few meetings and members agreed to this and instructed the Clerk to record this matter in the attendance book. Apologies were also received from B.Hannah (Norfolk CC) and Mrs.A.Sweeney (North Norfolk DC).

1d. To receive Declarations of Interest on agenda items:
There were no declarations.

2a. To approve the minutes of meeting held 8/4/09:
These had been circulated to members and were accepted as a true record.
(Prop: DT, Sec: BH – agreed)

2b. To consider vacancy on parish council and consider co-option:
The interested parishioner had again expressed a desire to become a member of the parish council and had provided a brief CV which the Clerk had circulated to members prior to the meeting. Advertisements regarding the vacancy had been placed on the councils notice boards and requests for interested people to come forward at the annual parish meeting the previous week had brought a negative response. Members agreed to discuss Mr.Geoffrey Dysons application/CV and he, attending as a member of the public, was requested to leave the meeting and wait in an adjoining room. Members were happy with the information GD had provided and noted he had been living in the parish for 42 years. After a brief discussion it was agreed to co-opt Mr.G.Dyson with immediate effect (Prop: DT, Sec:PK – agreed). Mr.Dyson was called back to the meeting and welcomed by the Chair as the newest member of the parish council. GD duly signed his Declaration of Acceptance of Office as a member which was witnessed by the Clerk. The Clerk gave GD his Financial/Other Interest forms to be completed and returned to the Monitoring Officer at the District Council in the next 28 days. Guidance notes were provided and other information such as the parish councils standing orders, financial regulations, code of conduct, recent minutes and a meetings calendar would be given to GD by the Clerk as a starter pack in the near future. GD joined the councillors and the Chair again welcomed him hoping he would enjoy being a member of the parish council. The Clerk was instructed to notify NNDC Electoral Services of the co-option.

3. Resolution re Public Participation (requests to speak on specific items):
(Prop: RB, Sec: MK – agreed) – the meeting was adjourned – no requests – the Chair re-opened the meeting.

Following the proposal by the Chair it was agreed to take item 12 next in order that the Police Community Support Officer could resume his normal duties a.s.a.p.

12. To consider Sect.17, Crime & Disorder Act (including Police Report):
The Chair invited the PCSO to give his report on crimes in the parish since the last meeting. It was reported that there had been one crime committed (criminal damage) and the KIN meeting recently had discussed priorities for the local police. The PCSO also reported that they had received no calls from members of the public during the period. The Chair asked members if they had any questions for the PCSO or any other matter they wished to raise regarding crime. There was nothing further and the Chair thanked the PCSO for his attendance.

4. Finance:
(a) To approve invoices for payment and note bank balances:
The current bank balances were as follows :- A/C 10162132 £1346, A/C 10162140 £7863 – this was noted by members. The following payments, scheduled for payment on the agenda, were approved for payment (the payment to West Runton Scouts was amended from £25 to £50) :- C.Allen £60.00, P.Bullimore £352.08, West Runton Scouts £50.00, NALC £175.23, T.Jones Electrical £64.11, Sheringham TC £22.08, and NNDC £621.92. (Prop: MW, Sec: DC – agreed). The Clerk was asked to inform members when minor lighting repairs occurred and also provide copies of T.Jones Electricals invoices to the vice-chair in order that the street lighting inventory can be updated. The Clerk asked members to note that they needed to approve the accounts (to 31/3/09) at the next meeting.
(b) To consider renewal of the PC insurance:
The Chair reported verbally that he had looked at both the renewal papers and premium from the current insurers (Allianz) and the new companys terms and conditions (Came & Co. selling the new Norwich Union product). Referring to the NU insurance he stated that the cover and wording were OK but the excess would increase from £125 to £250. Assuming there were no claims he said the council would save approx. £180 per year on the premium if NU were chosen over the current insurers. The NU scheme was very similar to the Allianz scheme except for the increase in the excess to £250. MK said that we needed to compare like with like and members wanted to know the NU premium if their excess was brought down to £125. It was agreed to delegate the decision regarding renewal (1st June) to The Chair and Vice-Chair after they made further enquiries with both companies.
(d) To review Bank Mandates (Standing Order and Direct Debit):
The Clerk reminded members that approval for these bank payments was needed just as was the normal monthly cheque payments. The following was approved, but would be subject to change with the renewal of the electricity and maintenace contracts.
Standing Order (monthly) to T.T.Jones Electrical in the sum of £66.97
Direct Debit (monthly) to E-On in the sum of £106.56
(Prop: BH, Sec: PK – agreed)

5. Planning:
(a) To note decisions received from NNDC since last meeting:
The following was noted :-
20081157 – Replacement dwelling at Bramble Cottage, Sheringwood – permission given subject to conditions (the papers would be circulated to members)
(b) To consider planning applications received since agenda printed:
None received – this was noted.
(e) Sheringwood – To receive update & consider tree preservation:
The Woodland Trust had informed the Clerk that they hoped to be in the area soon at which time they will arrange a meeting in order that feature trees can be identified and a request put in to the NNDC for TPOs to be placed on those trees. This was noted by members.
(h) LDF – incl Gypsy EERA consultation and SMP:
The Clerk informed members that the consultation on the Site Specific Proposals Draft Plan was coming up (15/6/09 – 31/7/09).
The Chair reiterated what he had said at the annual parish meeting regarding permanent gypsy/travellers sites namely that the Planning Inspectorates view had been taken on board by the Government and in spite of there being no established need 15 permanent sites would have to be provided by NNDC. He assumed they would be near to facilities such as schools, shops, and employment. He would arrange for the Clerk to circulate the EERA information on this topic. Members agreed that the Chair responds to the EERA on behalf of the parish council stating that there is no need for these pitches therefore it is a waste of money (Prop: MK, Sec: MC – agreed)
(i) NCC Planning – to consider consultation on Local List Validation Requirements:
The documents circulated by the Clerk on this topic were yet to reach all members and it was agreed to leave this matter.

6. To consider Highways and Footpath Matters:
The Clerk reported on the following :-
Britons Lane fence: NCC Highways had written stating that they did not think this fence to be dangerous at present but they would monitor the situation – noted.
Work had started on pavements in Britons Lane Close – noted.
Work was due to start soon on Regis Ave., pavements – noted.
NNDC had updated local councils on Street Signage – copy to be circulated.
Footpath adjacent to council houses near Britons Lane Close junction: this matter had been raised at last weeks APM and the Clerk was instructed to seek advice from H’Ways regarding widening/tidying this path.
The Clerk was instructed to arrange the next 6 monthly walkabout with the Highways Engineer (Karl Rands).
7. Meetings & Conferences (to receive reports and announcements):
The Clerk announced that the next Area & Parish Forum run by NNDC would be at this venue on Wed. 1/7/09 from 6.30pm. Most members would try and attend.
Reports :-
Planning Portal run by NNDC and the County Association on 28/4/09:
The Chair reported that he and DT had attended. This is a national scheme with planning applications, advice, and other information all being on-line. Much data will be available to assist the public on planning matters. RB and DT were impressed with the presentation and said that NNDC will soon have this system up and running.
Annual Parish Vestry meeting on 15/4/09:
BH had attended on behalf of the council and would be circulating the minutes to members as soon as possible.
Upcher Community Partnership:
PK (a director) gave a report on his and RBs attendance at the meeting on 29/4/09. The main talk was given by the Credit Union with a view to the UCP forming their own scheme. Other topics covered were the new Arts & Crafts Festival and the Woodland questionnaire relating to Pretty Corner and adjacent woodland.

8. PC Assets:
(a) Street Lighting – to consider renewal of electricity & maintenance contracts:
Following the instructions last month the Clerk had spoken to T.T.Jones Electrical who had instead of giving an indication of the likely cost increases in the street lighting maintenance contract had sent a formal quotation. The Clerk informed members that he had now sent out invitations to tender for this work to four other contractors in order that the council can make a decision at next months meeting.
He would not release details of T.T.Jones quotation as it needed to remain as a sealed tenderwhilst others had a chance to quote. This was noted by members. Members requested that the Clerk invites power companies to tender for the supply of electricity so that this matter may be dealt with at the June 09 meeting as well. The recently compiled inventory of street lights and the relevant details would be sent out with the letters.

9a. To consider ongoing maintenance of Beeston Common:
Members awaited details of the meeting on the common with representatives of Sheringham Town Council and Natural England. A letter from a parishioner agreeing with the parish councils views on this matter had been circulated to members

9b. To consider Pillbox in Britons Lane:
The council awaited further news regarding listing from English Heritage.

9c. Structural Review of Nfk: consider recent Boundary Commission statement:
The Chair stated that he was drafting a reply supporting the arguments put forward by NNDC (change is not needed and not easily workable). Members acknowledged and noted this as they had at the previous meeting.

9f. To further consider phone box in Britons Lane:
Because of the high cost of removal BT were not prepared to agree to the councils request but would repair it as usual. The Clerk had been informed of this verbally but todate nothing had been done. The Clerk was instructed to write to BT expressing concerns of members regarding the vandalised state of the box and asking for prompt action. A copy was to be sent to N.Lamb, MP.

10. Quality Parish Status:
(a) To receive update on QPS:
The Clerk confirmed his studying position and confirmed that he hoped a submission to the Accreditation Panel would take place this summer. (July – Sept)
(b) To consider legislation:Power to promote well-being of the area:
The Clerk now had a report available on this topic. This would be circulated for members consideration although active participation was not possible until 80 of councillors were trained on this subject and the Clerk obtained his qualification.
(d) To consider inspection of PC Assets:
DT reported that the assets were in pretty good order overall. It was noted that the village sign may need some attention in the future (sign and seating area).
(e) No Cold Calling Zones – to receive update:
The Chair reported that the sign in Church Close had been stolen.
(f) To consider June 09 Newsletter:
The Clerk confirmed that this issue needed to contain the Annual Report and the Accounts to 31/3/09. This was noted by members.
(h) To consider voting for NALC Executive Committee member (N.Nfk):
Details had been circulated to members and it was agreed to vote for T.Comber.

11. To receive reports from District & County Councillors:
Apologies had been received from both councillors.

13. To receive Correspondence (not included in agenda items above):
The Clerk drew members attention to the following :-
Peddars Way, Development Framework, 2008 – 2013
Nalc Training programme, 2009
NCC magazine, Norfolk Matters
NNDC Minutes & Agenda, NNDC Standards Committee report 2008/9
Public Sector Equality Duties booklet
Norfolk Police Authority – plan 2009/12
All the above would be circulated to members as usual.

14. Resolution re Public Participation (comments/other matters):
No members of the public present.

15. To confirm date of next meeting – future agenda items:
Next meeting, Wed.10th June (7pm).

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