Beeston Regis Footpaths

An up-to-date map of the location of the footpaths and a brief summary of their length and condition can be accessed via the link provided.

Footpath Map

Whilst Beeston Regis Parish Council takes an active interest in the condition of our Public Footpaths, we are not the responsible authority – the responsibility for their maintenance is that of the County Highways Department.

The Parish Council has surveyed all of the above footpaths in November 2012 and intends to continue the monitoring process on an approximately half-yearly basis. Any issue that it is felt requires attention from highways is reported via the on-line system on the NCC website. The results of these surveys are also forwarded to the Norfolk Ramblers Association.

The comments which have been made are based on the findings of the individual survey participants as at November 2012 and we take no responsibility for the ongoing accuracy of any of the information.

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2 Responses to Beeston Regis Footpaths

  1. Bryan Buxton says:

    The pavement at the start of Caxton Close, opposite the Chairman’s (Mr M Knowles) property is an eyesore and disgrace. The trees from the adjacent copse overhang the road and pavement and have left debris, which is a danger to people walking. Is it possible to have this cleared?

    • chrisgoodwin says:

      I will bring this to the attention of the next meeting. Hopefully. if it is put on the Agenda, then Highways will look at the problem when they next attend Beeston Regis.

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