BRPC Minutes June 2013




Minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday, 12th June, 2013 at the Scout HQ., Cromer Road, Beeston Regis    7pm.

Present: M.Knowles (Chair), D.Thompson, G.Dyson, Mrs.M.Wright, C.Goodwin, R.Beckley, B.Hill and the Clerk. Also present were B.Hannah (NCC), and three members of the public.

1a. To receive and consider apologies

Apologies were received and accepted from P.Kemp, Mrs.M.Roffe, M.Church, and H.Roper. Apologies were also received from PCSO.Bridges.

1b. To receive Declarations of Interest on agenda items

No interests declared.

2.  To approve the minutes of meeting held  8/5/13  (circulated)

These had been circulated and were accepted as a true record (Prop; MW, Sec: DT)

3 .  Resolution re Public Participation (requests to speak on agenda items)

A parishioner requested to speak on item 5(d) when this matter was discussed.

4.   Finance:

      (a)  To approve invoices for payment and note bank balances:

       C.Allen £70.00, (bus shelter cleaning),P.Bullimore £286.80,(net salary),

        HMRC £11.40 (tax on salary), W.Runton Scouts £25.00, (hire of hall),                         

        P.Bullimore £63.00, (admin exps), Norfolk ALC £45.00 (Chairs Conference fee)

        Secret Gdns £116.00 (grass cutting), J.Green £70.00 (payroll services)

The above payments, scheduled on the agenda, were approved (Prop: DT, Sec; GD). Bank balances:- A/C 10162132 £3072 & A/C 10162140 £7839 – noted.

(b)    To approve the Financial Statements and Annual Return (31/3/13)

The Financial Statements and Annual Returns for 31/3/13 were approved and the Chair duly signed sections 1 and 2 of the return for transmission to the external auditors (Prop: RB, Sec: GD – agreed)

(c)     To consider renewal of street lighting maintenance contract with T.T.Jones.

The Clerk was instructed to write to T.T.Jones Electrical requesting an extension to the existing contract on the current rates with a review taking place after the LED lighting project. (Prop: MK, Sec: RB)

5.   Planning:

(a)      To note decisions/information  received from NNDC since last meeting.

The following was noted:-

PF/13/0514; Single storey side & rear extn at Breckland, Sheringwood (permission)


(b)      To consider planning applications received since agenda printed.

PF/13/0654 – Retention of agricultural building adjacent to Hall Farm.

It was agreed no objections to this application (Prop: RB, Sec: MK).

(c)       To consider further report re proposed sand/gravel pit at E.Beckham

As all members had not yet seen the report which was circulating it was agreed to carry this forward to the next meeting.

(d)      To note NNDC response re groundworks at Sheringwood: nr Anglia Mowers

The Clerk read an e-mail from NNDC Planning Enforcement Section which outlined what had happened and gave the District Council’s response to the owners of the site. The Chair summarised the position and reminded members that this was to note a situation and not to make any decisions because the PC had not yet been consulted. The Chair, with members permission, adjourned the meeting to allow a parishioner to speak. Concerns were expressed that the whole nature of the landscape had been changed. The Chair re-opened the meeting and it was agreed to monitor the situation and B.Hannah (NCC) would take this matter up with both the County and District Council officers.


(m)     To consider PCs responsibilities re the AONB.

The Clerk was instructed to contact Norfolk CC Planning and enquire as to the situation regarding Heath Barn now that the Temporary Stop Notice had expired.

6.   Highways/Footpath matters

(a)   update on survey/reports on footpaths/public rights of way

The Chair informed members of some interesting questions submitted to Norfolk CC by the CPRE regarding their policy on footpaths. The second survey of footpaths in the parish was still to be carried out.

(b)   update on NCC Highways P’ship scheme re LED lighting

The Clerk informed members that the bid had been successful in that the e-mail from NCC dated 11/6/13 stated that they would be supporting parish councils up to a maximum of 30 lights. The Clerk was instructed to write to T.T.Jones Electrical informing them that the PC wished to proceed with the project (all 34 lights) irrespective of whether financial assistance was available for the remaining 4 lights.

(Prop: MK, Sec: GD). The Clerk informed members that liaising with the Chair he had submitted an application for a further grant for the remaining lights in the parish from the Sheringham Shoal Fund (application submitted thro the Norfolk Community Foundation).

(c)    To receive update on car parking during car boot sales.

The Police Report was read to members which stated that parking was still being monitored and no complaints or problems had been received. As stated by the Chair the matter was still a work in progress. The Clerk was instructed to contact NCC Highways regarding the yellow lines being extended along the A149 in front of the new gates.

(d)   To receive update on repair of gate on footpath FP17

NCC Highways had informed the Clerk verbally that the gate should be replaced in the next three to four months.

(e)    To note response from NCC re crossing facility nr bus shelter

A negative response had been received from NCC Highways. The Highways Dept. would be writing to the parishioner who had requested the crossing.

(f)    To receive update re drainage ditch (PC western boundary)

There was no further news from Sheringham TC re the proposed meeting – noted.

7.   Meetings & Conferences (to receive reports and announcements)

N.Norfolk Coastal Forum (2/7/13). This would be a Field Trip – RB not attending.

GD reported on the latest SNAP meeting when monitoring traffic problems in Britons Lane was chosen as one of the three priorities for the Police. Home Security checks also featured and it was hoped a small article on this topic could appear in the newsletter. RB reported on his attendance at Houghton Hall for the 80th year celebration of the CPRE.

8.   PC Assets:

(a)    To receive verbal report re lighting by the Clerk.

No faults had been reported to the contractor since the last meeting.

(b)   To consider seat in glass bus shelter.

It was agreed not to proceed with this project. There is not sufficient room in this shelter for a seat and it would disadvantage wheel-chair users if installed.

9.   To further consider report from contractors re Street Lighting

Following an inspection of the lights mentioned in T.T.Jones report DT recommended to members that the leaning light, adjacent to the lay-by on the A149, be repaired as soon as possible. It was agreed that the Clerk instructs the contractors to carry out this repair. All other lights mentioned in the report would be left until after completion of the LED project when the situation would be reviewed.

10. Quality Parish Status & Governance 

(a)    To further consider Annual Asset Inspection

Following his annual asset inspection DT reported on the following :-

1.      The glass bus shelter needed a thorough clean – C.Allen to carry out work

2.      Tree growing on light near 13, Abbey Pk – Clerk to write to owners.

                  3.   Hedge/trees overgrowing path of A149 (Abbey Pk) “            

3.      Dog Bin post needs repair (Priory Cl) – DT to carry out work.

RB reported that he would be obtaining a quotation for repairing the slatted bench seat situated on the West Runton boundary opposite Church Close

11.   To receive reports from District & County Councillors

B.Hannah (NCC) spoke of the recently formed coalition at County Hall and hoped things could move forward. All major decisions would come before the full council and not be decided by a small group of councillors (the cabinet). BH listed his appointments within the new regime.

12.   Police Report & Sect.17 Crime & Disorder Act.

The report mainly dealt with parking during car boot sales and was discussed at 6c.

13.   To receive Correspondence (not included in agenda items above)

The Clerk drew attention to the following :-

NNDC letter re the Graham Allen Awards for conservation and design.

Aon Insurance letter – acknowledgment of renewal.

NNDC agenda/minutes.

All the above would be circulated

14.   Resolution re Public Participation (comments/other matters).

Prop: BH, Sec: DT – agreed – meeting adjourned. No comments from the public.

The Chair re-opened the meeting.

15.   To confirm date of next meeting – future agenda items

This was confirmed for Wed. 10th July, 2013.  (7pm)

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