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Chris2Chris Goodwin, left Birmingham University in 1966 to become a research scientist in London.
From 1973 he was involved in a bewildering array of other forms of employment including sunbed and sauna repair technician, foreman and maintenance technician in a bakery, metallurgist at TI Raleigh and a taxi driver, he ended his working life with 20 years spent as a secondary school teacher in Cambridgeshire.
He retired to Beeston Regis, where he lives with his wife Sue, in August 2010.
ln June 2011 he successfully applied for the vacant position on the Parish Council where he now tries to manage the Council website, its Facebook and Twitter accounts and the Beeston Regis Online Community site. Chris is also responsible for the artwork on the front page.

Training Courses Attended:

WordPress Training Course in Cromer

Whole Council Training, NNDC Offices Cromer, Sept. 2015

Declaration of Interests, NNDC Offices Cromer, Sept 2015

Transparency, Aylsham Care Trust, Aylsham, Sept 2016

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