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Margaret2I have always lived in Sheringham and Beeston Regis.

Educated at Convent of Notre Dame Norwich. College – Norwich. Work Norwich. Auctioneers, Solicitors, Law Society.
Married my husband Richard Wright (Blyth & Wright) in 1960. I worked in the Shop for a while till I had my 2 children. We moved up to Heathside 31 years ago. Sadly my husband died last year having hadAlzheimers for nearly 14 years.

When my daughter joined the Brownies in 1973 I became Chairman o f the Sheringham Guides Supporters Committee. I then went into Uniform and became a Guider for 1st Sheringham Guides till I retired. I have been a member of the Guide Association for 42 years and I am now Chairman of the Sheringham Trefoil Guild.

I became a Beeston Regis Parish Counsellor I think in the early 90,s!! I hope I never have to live anywhere else.

I am extremely fond of animals and when younger kept ponies, goats and chickens.I have always had numerous dogs and cats-all rescues.

I like patchwork quilting and gardening.

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