Maintaining the Tidy Appearance of our Parish

Did you know that your Parish Council arranges regular litter-picks to keep the parish tidy?

They are also responsible for the number of areas throughout the parish where bulbs (particularly daffodils) are planted and the grass is cut on a regular basis.

The Parish Council also arranges for regular cleaning of the bus shelters and all of the signs throughout the parish. We provide and arrange for the emptying of a number of dog-litter bins located around the area.

Newsletters are distributed to every household on a regular basis and there is also a website (which you are now using) which contains such gems of information as:

  1. What use you could make of the ‘Herb Alexander’ which is prolific in the area along roadsides and footpaths in the early part of the year.
  2. A map showing the location and a brief description of the characteristics of all the footpaths within the parish.
  3. The Minutes and Agendas of Parish Council Meetings are     available so that you are kept in touch with parish matters.
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