Health and Safety

Beeston Regis Parish Council

Health & Safety Policy



  • The Council recognises its responsibilities for providing a safe and healthy working environment for all its employees, contractors, voluntary helpers, parishioners and others who may be affected by the activities of the Council.
  • The Council accepts its responsibilities under the Health and Safety at Work Etc Act 1974*, and will provide, as far as is reasonably practicable, the resources necessary to fulfil this commitment.
  • The Council will seek, as and when appropriate, expert technical advice on Health and Safety to assist the Clerk in fulfilling the Council’s responsibilities for ensuring safe working conditions.
  • This policy will:
  • Be amended should the activities of the council change in any way,
  • Be reviewed annually.




To provide as far as is reasonably practicable,

  • A safe place of work and a safe working environment.
  • Arrangements for considering, reporting and reviewing matters of Health and Safety at work, including regular risk assessments of working activities (see Risk Assessment Policy).
  • Systems of work that are safe and without risks to health.
  • Obtaining specialist technical advice and assistance on matters of Health and Safety when necessary.
  • Sufficient information, instruction and training for Councillors, employees, contractors and voluntary helpers to carry out their work safely.
  • Care and attention to the health, safety and welfare of Councillors, employees, contractors, voluntary helpers and members of the public who may be affected by the council’s activities



The Clerk will:

  • Keep the Council informed of relevant health and safety legislation, and act as the contact and liaison point for the Health and Safety Executive or any other authority.
  • Advise the Council on the resources and arrangements necessary to fulfil the Council’s responsibilities under the Health and Safety Act 1974.

Safety Policy.

  • Make effective arrangements to implement the Health and Safety Policy.
  • Ensure that matters of health and safety are regularly discussed at meetings of the Council.
  • Ensure that regular risk assessments are carried out of working practices and facilities, with subsequent consideration and review of any necessary corrective/protective measures. Maintain a file of risk assessments (See Appendix A), summarised in the minutes.
  • Make effective arrangements to ensure those contractors or voluntary helpers working for the Beeston Regis Parish Council comply with all reasonable health and safety requirements. All contractors will be required to abide by the terms of the contractors’ service level agreement and specified scope of work (Appendix B… ‘Permit to carry out works’ and ‘Notice to contractors forming part of Permit to work’) and will be given a copy of the Council’s Health & Safety Policy.
  • It is the responsibility of Councillors, employees, contractors and voluntary helpers to report to the Clerk any H & S issue that comes to their attention and it is the responsibility of the Clerk to rectify the situation at the first reasonable opportunity.
  • Ensure that work activities by the Council do not unreasonably jeopardise the health and safety of members of the public.
  • Maintain a central record of incidents/ accidents. All such reports should be brought before the council at the next parish council meeting together with a note of any action taken in respect of these matters.
  • Should an accident or hazardous incident occur, take immediate action to prevent a recurrence or further accident and to complete the necessary accident reporting procedure.

*Section 2 (3) of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 requires every employer with 5 or more employees to prepare a written statement of general policy.



(Adopted 13/01/2016 … to be Reviewed Jan 2017)

(Reviewed 14/06/2017… to be Reviewed June 2018)

(Reviewed November 2018…. to be reviewed November 2019)

(Reviewed November 2019….to be reviewed November 2020)



For Beeston Regis Parish Council to comply with Health and Safety Legislation, all outside contractors employed to do work are to be made aware of the expected requirements related to health and safety. A contractor accepting a contract, as shown on the attached ‘Permit to work’, from the Council shall be deemed to have agreed to comply with the following requirements:

  1. You and your employees and any sub-contractors working on your behalf will conform, in all respects, to legal duties and responsibilities as laid down by the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, and relevant statutory provisions.
  2. The Council will retain the right to stop any operation and or equipment, or the action of any of your employees if it is considered that there is a hazard to the safety or health of employees or others. The Council will not accept any responsibility for any increased costs arising out of such action. In the event of the Council taking this action, your site representative will be notified verbally and will have confirmation in writing by the Council’s representative to order such a stoppage.
  3. The council will be indemnified by you or your insurers in respect of any claims, costs or expenses arising out of any incidents involving you or your employees.
  4. The Council may notify an inspector, appointed under the Authority of the Act, of any breach of the Regulations.
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