Among the things that the Parish Council has done this year are:

  1. Provide a paved area with a picnic bench and a bench seat for the use of weary travellers arriving at Daisy Green.sdc11790
  2. Monitored and assisted the police from the SNT in performing speed checks on traffic using Britons Lane.sdc11946
  3. Purchased and installed a Velocity Activated Sign which is now placed at several locations, throughout the parish, to try to reduce incidents of speeding on local roads.
  4. Completed the replacement of the parish’s outdated lighting stock with new, highly efficient and less ‘light polluting’ LED lights. The benefits to the parish, as well as the improved lighting and the 10 year guarantee for the new lights, is that the electricity bill appears to have been reduced to about one-third of its previous cost.dscf3421
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