Clerk’s CPD points 2016-2017



Clerks CPD Points (recorded in minutes when appropriate)


Attendance at Conference & Training Events:

Norfolk ALC Conference (one-day training etc)                               2.5 points

( Norwich, 7/7/15 – covering Insurance, Finance, Parish plans)


Norfolk ALC Councillors Training                                                    1.0  point

(Sheringham, 16/9/15 – attendance at councillors training)


North Nfk District Council Training

                                                                                                1.0 point


(Bodham, 26/11/15 – PCs Role in Planning Structure)


North Nfk District Council Training  “Interests”                            1.0  point

(Cromer, 21/9/15 – Review/Update by Monitoring Officer)


NNDC – Training on new Local Plan                                                 1.0 point

(Cromer, 1/9/15 – Forum/Discussion on Local Plan).


Norfolk CC – Budget Meeting

(Norwich, 11/1/16–meeting re Strategic & Financial Planning)

                                                                                                1.5  points

Sub-total                                                                                                    8.0 points






Reading Text Bk : The Parish Councillors Guide (Clayden)

                                                                                               3.0 points


Reading all 6 editions of The Clerk ( SLCC)                                   3.0 points

Total                                                                                                           14.0  points

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