BRPC Draft Minutes September 2016


Minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday, 14th September, 2016 at the Scout HQ., Cromer Rd., Beeston Regis – 7pm.

Present: R.Beckley (Chair), G.Dyson, Mrs.M.Wright, N.Wright, C.Goodwin,
Mrs.S.Goodwin, and the Clerk. Also present was one member of the public and J.Lefever from Hastoe Housing.

1a. To receive and consider apologies
Apologies were received and accepted from M.Knowles, D.Thompson, R.Smith, M.Church, and Mrs.M.Roffe. Apologies were also received from B.Hannah (NCC) and PCSO.Jonas.

1b. To receive Declarations of Interest on agenda items
No interests declared.

2. To approve the minutes of meeting held 10/8/16.
The minutes, which had already been circulated, were accepted as a true record.
(Prop: MW, Sec: GD).

3 . Public Participation (requests to speak on agenda items)
No requests to speak on agenda items.

4. Finance:
(a) To approve invoices for payment and note bank balances:
C.Allen £80.00, (bus shelter cleaning 101702) P.Bullimore £252.70,(salary, 703)
HMRC £63.20 (tax on salary 101704, Secret Gardens £130.00 (grass cuts x 2)
(101705),W.Runton Scouts £25.00 (hire of hall) (101706),
E.Farrow £45.00 (vehicle sign maintenance) (101707)
P.Bullimore £49.75 (admin.exps) (101708)
Cheverton & Sons £163.60 (printing re Priory Annivers) (101709)
Nfk Parish Training & Support £115.00 (councillors training courses), (101710)
E.Farrow £140.00 (Daisy Green maintenance) (101711)
*** The above payments (10), scheduled on the agenda, were approved (Prop: MW, Sec: SG). The reconciled bank balances, as checked and agreed by the Chairman, were as follows :- A/C 10162132 £3348.48, and A/C 10162140 £5800.54. – Noted.
(b) To consider donation towards the upkeep of the Graveyard.
As last year it was agreed to give £500 towards the upkeep of the graveyard (cheque 101712) (Prop: MW, Sec: RB).

Items 5(c) and 11 were taken next – see minutes further on.

5. Planning:
(a) To note decisions/information received from NNDC/NCC since last meeting
PF/16/0868; Replacement windows at Abbey Farmhouse – consent given. – Noted.
(b) To consider planning applications received since agenda printed
PF/16/1225; Alterations to create self-contained annexe at Two Pines, Sheringwood.
It was agreed “no objections” to this application (Prop: MW, Sec: RB)

(c) Presentation by Hastoe Housing re Affordable Housing.
The Chair welcomed John Lefever to the meeting to update members.
JL issued drawings/plans for the site opposite the Priory Maze on the A149 for members information and reported the following :-
Knotweed had been found on the site and would cost £60k to deal with (this would be carried out if planning permission was granted). If planning permission was granted they hoped to be on-site and starting by April, 2017. Consultation and an exhibition for the proposal would be arranged for the public and other interested parties very soon. Hastoe Housing had been working closely with NNDC and now hoped to build nine units of affordable housing on this land. Properties would be rented out at 80% of market rents and it was hoped that low income families would be able to live in them.
They would be for local people i.e. people connected to Beeston Regis and the surrounding parishes. JL would be making arrangements for the open day soon and it was hoped that parish councillors would deliver leaflets advertising the event.
The Chair thanked JL who then left the meeting.
(d) To further consider the wall constructed at Closewood, Sheringwood.
No further news had been received since the acknowledgement of the enforcement request to NNDC.
(m) To consider PCs responsibilities re the AONB.
This had been duly considered.

6. Highways/Footpath matters.
(a) To note/consider the new NCC Highways Partnership Scheme 2017-18
At the suggestion of the Chair it was agreed to look at improving the path running behind the council houses on the coast road (leading from the northern end of Abbey Park to the A149). Members would visit the site prior to the next meeting.

A discussion took place regarding action to be taken re overgrown footpaths etc. at various locations in the parish.

7. Meetings & Conferences (to receive reports and announcements)
No new announcements or reports.

8. To receive report re Queens Birthday Celebration (Visit to Hilltop) (RB)
The Chair reported a successful trip to Hilltop for local teenagers on 3rd September.
Twelve youngsters had attended and a good time was had by all.

9. To hear members views on distribution of anonymous leaflet (field in Brits. Lane)
The Clerk and Chair had copies of the anonymous letter regarding the recent sale of land off Britons Lane. RB stated that covenants put in place by the National Trust many years ago prevented development of the land. CG said it was a “storm in a teacup” which had created concerns on Streetlife and had also been discussed at the Hillside Residents Association. It was agreed that concerns had been allayed and being a rumour with no foundation the PC could not comment but only monitor the situation.
10. Local Council Award Scheme & Governance
(a) To receive update re LCAS.
A response to the Accreditation Panels letter had been sent – no further news.
(b) To consider Annual Asset Inspection.
The Clerk was requested to ask DT if he would carry out the annual asset inspection. GD volunteered to assist if it was necessary.
(c) To consider adoption of procedure for dealing with Press & Media
The procedure, which had been circulated to all members, was agreed and adopted (Prop: GD, Sec: CG).
(d) To note/consider NALC’s Training Courses for Autumn 2016.
The following was agreed :-
CG and SG would attend the “Transparency Course” on 29th September in Aylsham.
RS would attend the Basic Training on 6th and 13th October.
An event on LCAS had been announced recently and the Clerk was instructed to provisionally book three places.

11. To receive further report re the 800th Anniversary of the Priory event (RB)
The Chair spoke about (a) interim financial report for the event and (b) email from West Runton Scouts requesting £140 to cover their catering losses. RB was still waiting for some creditors invoices but he was hopeful that there would be a surplus when matters were finalised. The Chair read the email from West Runton Scouts asking for £140 to cover their losses. After discussion it was agreed that the PC would not respond in a positive manner to this request particularly as the PC only assisted with the event and were not the main organisers. (Prop: GD, Sec: SG). The Chair and Vice-Chair would send a response to the scouts.

12. To receive reports from District & County Councillors
Both councillors had sent apologies to the meeting.

13. Police Report /Sect.17 Crime & Disorder Act.
The following report was received via email :- (a) nine calls to the police during the last month but no recorded crimes (b) next police surgery is on 27/9/16 (c) current priorities remain the same and (d) next SNAP meeting will be on 17/11/16.

14. To further consider future use of Daisy Green (RB)
To be carried forward to the next meeting.

15. To consider celebrating the 60th anniversary of BRPC.(RB)
The Chair asked members to be considering this matter ready for 2017 and SG asked whether an event might be incorporated into the Annual Parish Meeting next May.

16. To receive Correspondence (not included in agenda items above)
The following were noted :- (a) N.Lamb MP newspaper and (b) Stagecoach brochure and annual report.

17. Resolution re Public Participation (comments/other matters)
No comments or other matters.

18. To confirm date of next meeting & future agenda items.
This was confirmed for Wednesday, 12th October, 2016 (7pm)

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