Action Plan 2017/2018




1 To interact with North Norfolk District Council on all relevant matters, in particular the formulation of the new Local Plan, Ward Boundary Review, and any matters related to central Government’s Localism Agenda.


2 To engage with Runton Parish Council when the new Beeston Regis and Runton Ward is formally established


3 Following the achievement of the Foundation Award’ under the Local Council Award Scheme to work towards the ‘Quality Award’ within 12months


4 To engage further with the children of the parish and again organize a Beeston Regis afternoon at Hilltop Activity Park for them


5 Following the installation of a vehicle activated speed sign used at various designated locations within the parish to look at any other relevant traffic issues which may be eligible for a Grant from the Norfolk County Council.


6 To maintain an overview of Highways, Bridleways and Footpath matters within and around Beeston Regis particularly with Norfolk County Council which body has responsibility


7 To continue to improve the appearance and tidiness

of,the parish. To organize regular litter picks and to propose work for the Norfolk County Council rangers.


8  To continue  to seek out ideas from the local community for the future use of Daisy Green.


9 To further develop public awareness and public knowledge of the important Priory Ruins. To encourage All Saint’s Church to have an annual service at the Ruins.



10 To attend meetings of the North Norfolk District Council Coastal Issues forum

To engage with Beeston Regis Holiday Park the owners of the Council’s coastline with regard to the Coastal Access path and the access steps to the Beach.



11 To develop our Community Engagement Strategy through such channels as social media, parish council website, notice boards and newsletters and personal contact To continue to provide opportunities and encouragement for all parishioners to attend meetings and make contact with their parish council in as many ways as possible . To further enhance the Beeston Regis Parish Council’s website.


12 To engage with the important businesses in Beeston Regis particularly  Beeston Hall School, NG Gravel, Hilltop Activity Centre, Beeston Regis Holiday Park,  Anglia Mowers and The Priory Maze & Gardens


13 To maintain our involvement in the work of All Saint’s church, local groups, charities and societies including the West Runton Scout Group, the Sheringham and District Society and the Hooke and Unknown Donor Charities.


14 To continue to promote the Hooke and Unknown Donor Charities



15 To continue our representation on the Sheringham and District Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNAP).


16 To continue to improve good governance through the identification of efficiencies and modern methods of working.


17 To scrutinize planning applications and associated matters and comment accordingly. To continue our responsibilities in respect of the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty,  and the Conservation Area falling within the parish.


18 To take part in the national  “Battle’s Over” commemoration by lighting a beacon in the Parish on 11th November 2018


Approved by the Council on Wednesday 11th July 2017

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