Grant Awarding Policy



From time to time the Parish Council may receive a request for grant funding.


The Parish Council wishes to support activities and causes which benefit the parish of Beeston Regis and to the immediate surrounding areas. A grant is any payment made by the Parish Council for the specific purpose for which it is claimed and for the well-being of the community.


Any grant made by the Parish Council must directly benefit some or all of the residents of the parish of Beeston Regis

The following criteria must be met for a group to be considered for a grant:-

  • The group must be a charity, voluntary or community organisation;
  • The group must be able to demonstrate that any funding from the Parish Council will directly benefit the residents of Beeston Regis
  • The group should preferably be formally constituted and have a management committee made up of volunteers.
    Individuals, businesses, or political parties are not eligible for grant funding. Conditions.
  • Multiple applications within a 12 month period will not normally be considered.
  • The money must be spent for the purpose stated within the original application.
  • The Recipient will confirm to the Parish Council once the project has been completed. Any unspent money is returned to Beeston Regis Parish Council.
  • The Parish Council reserves the right to reclaim any grant not being used for the purpose specified on the application form. The Parish Clerk will, therefore, be allowed to verify that the monies have been spent accordingly;
  • Proper evidence of actual or estimated expenditure must be supplied to the Parish Council prior to the payment of any grant. If the Parish Council is not satisfied with the arrangements it reserves the right to request a refund of monies awarded;
  • Grants cannot be awarded after the relevant project or event has been completed;
  • The Recipient must carry out all work (or appoints contractors to carry out all work) using satisfactory equipment, personal protective equipment and risk assessments. The Recipient must satisfy themselves that all necessary insurances are in place.
  • Beeston Regis Parish Council takes no responsibility or liability for work undertaken relating to this grant. The Recipient agrees to fully indemnify the Council in relation to the activity undertaken.
  • An acknowledgement on receipt of the grant cheque is required

Application Process.

  • Applications should be made in writing to the Parish Clerk, and will include:

o The amount being requested;
o The purposes of the grant;
o The benefit to the residents of Beeston Regis and the immediate surrounding community;
o The timescales for completion of the project / expenditure of funds;

Charity Requests

It is not the policy of the Parish Council to grant funds to National Charities from outside the village of Beeston Regis other than the Royal British Legion in respect of Remembrance Day events.

Policy Accepted June 2017…. Reviewed November 2018

Next review date November 2019

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