BRPC Minutes October 2017


Minutes of the Council Meeting held on Wednesday, 11th October, 2017 at the Scout HQ, Cromer Rd., Beeston Regis – 7pm.

Present: M.Knowles (Chair), R.Smith, Mrs.M.Roffe, D.Thompson, G.Dyson,
Mrs.M.Wright, N.Wright, C.Goodwin, R.Beckley, and the Clerk. Also present was one member of the public.


1a. To receive and consider apologies.
Apologies were received and accepted from S.Anderson and M.Church. Apologies were also received from J.Oliver (NCC).

1b. To receive Declarations of Interest on agenda items
No interests declared.

2. To approve the minutes of meeting held 13/9/17.
The minutes, which had already been circulated, were accepted as a true record subject to one amendment (Prop:MR, Sec: RS). The amendment was as follows :-
Item 11; delete J.Knowles (NCC) and insert J.Oliver (NCC).

3 . Public Participation (requests to speak on agenda items.
No requests to speak on agenda items.

4. Finance:
(a) To approve invoices for payment and note bank balances:
G.Sadler £80.00, (bus shelter cleaning),P.Bullimore £300.36,(net salary),
HMRC £18.60 (tax on salary), Nfk Parish Training & Support £64.00 (training)
W.Runton Scouts £25.00 (hall), P.Bullimore £47.30 (admin exps).
Secret Gardens £130.00 (grass cuts), Norfolk ALC £60.00 (training),
T.T.Jones Electrical Ltd £61.53 (adjust.light). (Cheques; 101821 – 101829)
*** The above payments, scheduled on the agenda, plus one urgent payment, were approved. (Prop: DT, Sec: GD). The urgent payment was in the sum of £59.40 payable to Westcotec Ltd for VAS repairs (cheq no 101830). The reconciled bank balances, as checked and agreed, were as follows :- A/C 10162132, £884.78 and
A/C 10162140, £14901.30.
(b) To note/consider Quarterly Budget Statement.
As per the Clerk’s email to members there were no significant variances to report and members approved the quarterly budget statement.
(c) To authorise payment of grant/donation to West Runton Scouts.
The Clerk referred members to the minutes of May, 2017 when it was agreed to support West Runton Scouts in the building of their new extension. (£1,000 donation under Section 137, and the payment of rent in advance for use of their premises in the sum of £975). The scouts had confirmed the completion of the extension and had requested the above funds. This was approved, and the cheque in the sum of £1975, would be released to the builder Ryan Carter (Prop: DT, Sec: RS). (cheque 101831).


5. Planning:
(a) To note decisions/information received from NNDC/NCC;
PF/14/0925 The appeal re the wind turbine at Pond Fm, Bodham is to be re-determined.
(b) To consider planning applications received since agenda printed
None received.
(c) To receive update re Affordable Housing.
No further news.
(d) PF/17/1627; Erectn of Extension; Beeston Croft, Cromer Road.
It was agreed “no objections” to this application. (Prop: RB, Sec: MK).
(e) PF/17/1537; Change of Use of Workshop; Fox Hill, Sheringwood.
Again it was agreed “no objections” to this application (Prop: RB, Sec: MR).
MW abstained from voting.
(m) To consider PCs responsibilities re the AONB.
This had been duly considered during discussions on above applications.

6. Highways/Footpath matters.
(a) To note/consider the NCC Highways Partnership Scheme 2018/19
Noted and carried forward to the next agenda.
(b) To receive update re the damaged light in Caxton Park.
The Clerk informed members that T.T.Jones Electrical were progressing this matter.

7. Meetings & Conferences (to receive reports and announcements)
SA was attending a basic training course for councillors this evening and next week, and the Clerk had been booked in for the Data Protection training in November.
RB gave a report regarding the Social Media Training organised by NALC which he and the Clerk had attended. RB and MK also reported on the Chamber of Trade meeting held at Sheringham Golf Club. Following on from this meeting RB suggested to members that a new survey should be carried out whereby an updated version of the parish council questionnaire should again be delivered to all parishioners. It was agreed that this needed to be given further consideration on future agendas.

8. To consider future arrangements for publication of Newsletters.
The Chair was in a position where it would not be possible for him to publish and print the PC newsletters in the future. RB had obtained a quotation from the printers (Chevertons) in the sum of £65 for 550 newsletters per quarter, some of which may be recovered through advertising. It was agreed to consider this further at the appropriate time and make budget provision for the new arrangements when discussing the budget

9. To consider purchasing the latest edition of “Local Council Administration”.
The Clerk informed members that his version of “Local Council Administration” by Charles Arnold-Baker, sometimes referred to as the Clerks Bible, was a few years out of date and ideally he would like the latest edition. The Chair suggested that the other councils which he served might like to contribute to the cost, which with postage and packing, came to approximately £68. It was agreed the Clerk purchases the latest version of LCA (Prop: RB, Sec: DT).


10. Local Council Award Scheme & Governance
(a) To receive update re LCAS.
The Clerk informed members that BRPC’s application for the Quality Level of the LCAS had recently been submitted. Noted by members.
(b) To review Action Plan 2017/18 (RB)
This was discussed and reviewed after an update from RB regarding linking budget provision to the various headings on the Action Plan.

11. To receive reports from District & County Councillors
J.Oliver (NCC) reported via email on (a) problems re travellers (b) pedestrianisation in Sheringham (c) the Holway Road roundabout (d) maintenance of the ditch adjacent to the common (e) rate relief (f) children in care (g) the NNDR.
M.Knowles (NNDC) spoke briefly about the ditch (item d in J.Oliver’s report).

12. Police Report /Sect.17 Crime & Disorder Act.
No police report received.

13. To receive Correspondence (not included in agenda items above).
(i) Letter from T.T.Jones Electrical re SOX lamps being phased out.
(ii) Coastal Partnership booklet – to be circulated to members.

14. Resolution re Public Participation (comments/other matters).
No public comments.

15. To confirm date of next meeting & future agenda items.
This was confirmed for Wednesday, 8th November, 2017 – (7pm).

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