New Path Opens

New path opens up Beeston Hill for everyone

28 March 2018

A new, improved path leading up Beeston Hill will open to the public tomorrow (Thursday 29 March) following significant improvements by Norfolk County Council’s Norfolk Trails team.

A new surface has been put in place along the Norfolk Coast Path from Sheringham to the top of Beeston Hill. The summit receives thousands of visitors every month, which has taken its toll on the paths they use to get there.
As well as improving access for everyone on this stretch of The Norfolk Coast Path National Trail, this path will protect the sensitive flora of the Beeston Hill SSSI by providing a single, high-quality walked route in place of the multiple, badly rutted paths that traversed the site previously.

Beeston Hill, affectionately known as ‘Beeston Bump’ by those in the know is a popular viewpoint for tourists and well frequented by walkers from far and wide. Based on data gathered from the site by Norfolk Trails over the last year, around two thousand people are expected to make use of this new path in its first weekend alone.

The work, which has largely been funded by Natural England, has taken six weeks and used 109 tonnes of Granite and Carstone, which was air-lifted onto the inaccessible site by helicopter – a first for the Norfolk Coast Path.

Martin Wilby, chairman of the Environment, Development and Transport Committee, said: “We are committed to making the most of our environment, and Beeston Hill is a significant landmark in Norfolk that attracts thousands of visitors every month. This has been a major project that will enable even more people to access the hill and enjoy the spectacular views from its summit.”


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