Privacy Notice and Promise


Parish Clerk / RFO / DPO

Contact Details:  Mr.P.Bullimore, 24, Beech Ave., Sheringham, NR26 8NS

Telephone: 01263 822864    email: [email protected]


Data Protection  –  Privacy Notice & Promise

The Council is the data controller and the Parish Clerk is the data processor and the data protection officer. Contact details for the Parish Clerk are given above.


We will always treat your personal information with great care and according to your wishes. The purpose for holding and/or processing the information is for Article 6(c)(e) GDPR – for accounting and operational purposes, i.e.  it is necessary for the performance of a task of the council, or compliance with a legal or financial matter.


The period for which the personal data is held will be no longer than 5 years but for legal agreements and financial governance there is a need to hold the information for up to 7 years. The source of our information has come directly from you.


As a data subject you have detailed rights including: right of access to your own personal data, right of correction, erasure and to object to processing and the right to lodge a complaint with the Information Commissioner (the ICO).

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